International Paediatric Clinic (IPC)

International Paediatric Clinic (IPC) is part of International Medical Clinic (IMC) group. It provides specialist healthcare for children within the same relaxed, friendly and caring environment. This specialist clinic is staffed by trained paediatric personnel and focuses on meeting the medical needs of children within the international community of Singapore. IPC offers specialist and neonatal programmes covering a full range of services – from newborn intensive care to general paediatrics, so taking little ones to a clinic will no longer be a stressful affair.

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Our Doctors & Clinic

Our doctors are committed to whole patient care and providing the highest standard of service. We understand the diverse needs of the range of nationalities visiting our clinic and aim to meet their healthcare expectations. Our quality healthcare extends beyond the services we offer within our clinic, to the recommendation and the selections of specialists and other medical service providers. IPC also provides a neonatal service, where paediatricians work together with obstetricians to provide comprehensive perinatal and outpatient care for newborns.


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International Medical Clinic (IMC)

International Medical Clinic (IMC) specialises in family, paediatric and travel medicine, with the medical needs of the international community of Singapore and South East Asia very much in mind.

With two General Practice Clinics, we strive to provide a high standard of healthcare in a caring, friendly and familiar environment. Our patient care is enhanced by our staff of selected medical professionals from a diverse range of countries encompassing North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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